The Cranbrook Historical Archives
(A function of the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel)

  • Location:

    • the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, upper floor (controlled access)

  • Contact:

  • Contents:

    • The archives consists of a large collection of papers, books, photographs, pamphlets, maps, and other paper items pertaining to several interests. It is also a reference library for museum research.

    • Much of the material is on computer to facilitate access and minimize actual physical contact with the original material, with future plans for more on-line access.

    • The following is a brief description of areas of interest:

      • Cranbrook history - maps, photographs, all local newspapers (1898-1975)

      • Immediate area (also see Fort Steele Archives) See Section About Cranbrook: immediate area links - Fort Steele

      • Railway History - general, western Canada, regional (Crowsnest Route)

      • Railway Passenger car design and railway travel history

      • Special "Curatorial" files on certain aspects of the railway car collection at the Museum are not yet classified for placement in the archives, and are available to the public only through special access request from the Executive Director.

      • All of the objects in the Museum collection are also included in the archives numerical control system.

      • Total archives contents number over 30,000 items not including specialty museum curatorial files.

  • Public Access:

    • Generally accepted Public Archives access procedures are based on security for the archival collections, and ad hoc access is not normally allowed unless persons have had an introduction to the facility by the part-time archivist

  • Hours:

    • Hours of operation are the same as the Museum, and appointments are recommended

    • Fees may be applicable for certain access and standard fees are charged for all research being requested of Museum staff.

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