Track #2 - Early Trains Deluxe and Interpretive Cars
Canadian Museum of Rail Travel - Cranbrook, B.C.
Tour #2c - Interpretive Cars   - Not on tour yet

These interior veiws of the sleeping car Somerset have been temporarily put in this section about the Interpretive Cars. The Somerset is really an "interpretive" car: within the Trans-Canada Limited Tour and tells a story about the restoration philosophy and process.

The interpretive cars tour will include new photos of the interiors when the tour is added to the schedule - expected in mid 2006

3 Cars on tour

  • These cars are displayed as comparisons with similar, but earlier cars, and how the railways were constantly upgrading and modernizing cars for increased comfort, with new design criteria. The caboose, for instance, shows how railway crews (not passengers) traveled. Other cars were upgraded then appear quite different from the original, while the Cafe Lounge represents the ultra-modern "Op Art" of the 1965-1975 era with its indestructable plastic laminate surfaces.

Your tour includes:

  1. #43696 Caboose (1928) (Original condition, requires some work)
  2.    - Elevation and Floor Plan to be provided.

  3. "Redvers" (1929) First Class Sleeper Modernized in 1952
  4.    - Elevation and Floor Plan to be provided.

  5. Cafe-Lounge Modern VIA Rail (1970) (modernized condition)   - Elevation and Floor Plan to be provided.

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Track 2: Early Trains Deluxe and Interpretive Cars

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