Track #1 - The Millionaires' Special
Canadian Museum of Rail Travel - Cranbrook, B.C.
Tour #1 - The Trans-Canada Limited - 1929

Interior of the restored dining car Argyle Side view of the inlaid black walnut panels, walnut-framed and blue cafeskin leather upholstered chairs, and china/silverware display in the Argyle Interior view of the solarium-lounge car River Rouge - the "lobby" of the deluxe Hotel-On-Wheels.

Complete 7-car set on tour

  • Centrepiece of the trains collection, this was an all first class-sleeping car train - a "Deluxe-Hotel-On-Wheels".

  • It was also the fastest train across North America in the "Roaring 20's" linking Montreal and Vancouver on the Canadian Pacific Railway's mainline.

  • Filled with exotic black walnut and Honduran Mahogony paneling, wool carpets, plush upholstery and the largest public collection of railway china and silver in Canada.

  • This train is almost completely restored, heated and air-conditioned for year-round car preservation and visitor comfort.

Your tour includes:

  1. Crew-baggage car #4489
  2.    - Elevation and Floor Plan

  3. Day parlour car #6751
  4.    - Elevation and Floor Plan

  5. Dining car Argyle
  6.    - Elevation and Floor Plan

  7. First class sleeper Somerset - 12 sections, 1 drawing room
  8.    - Elevation and Floor Plan

  9. First class sleeper Rutherglen - 8 sections, 1 drawing room, 2 compartments
  10.    - Elevation and Floor Plan

  11. First class sleeper Glen Cassie- 10 compartments
  12.    - Elevation and Floor Plan

  13. Solarium-Lounge car River Rouge - lounges, buffet and bath/shower facilities
  14.    - Elevation and Floor Plan

Track 1: The Millionaires' Special

  • Tour 1: The Trans-Canada Limited - 1929

Track 2: Early Trains Deluxe and Interpretive Cars

Track 3: Cars-of-State and Streamlined Trains

Deluxe Railway Hotel Architecture